Planted by God In 2013

Calvary Wolfeboro is a local church in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, that began in July of 2013.  Since our inception, we have lived by the same convictions that defined the early church.  This part of who we are is historical. 

It was only weeks after Jesus had ascended to heaven that the Church was birthed.  A work of the Holy Spirit beginning on the Jewish holiday of Pentecost, the supernatural beginnings of the church were obvious.  People were being healed, speaking in languages they had never learned, and proclaiming the “good news” about Jesus and forgiveness of sins through belief in Him.  The book of Acts records these early days.  Very quickly thousands of people became followers of Jesus and therefore members of the Church.  These early followers would gather together and “devote themselves” to 4 things (Acts 2:42):

1.  The apostle’s teaching (We devote ourselves to the Bible’s teaching)

2.  The fellowship (We gather with one another in homes and elsewhere to build relationships with each other and to encourage one another.

3.  Breaking of bread (We seek to have meals together as well as Communion or the Lord’s Supper)

4.  Prayers (This is simply communication with God)

Every week when we gather, whether it’s in homes to share a meal together or at 43 Mill Street for worship, we seek to rediscover what happens when a church functions based on the model the early church gave us.

Whether you are a follower of Jesus but aren’t a part of a local body or you are not a follower of Jesus yet but feel a tug on your heart, we want you to know that you are welcome here.  Jesus loves you and we do our best to be like Him.

For His Glory,

Pastor Justin - Calvary Wolfeboro


Our Location


43 Mill Street, Wolfeboro 

We are blessed to have an incredible campus right on the water in back bay, downtown Wolfeboro - the oldest summer resort in America.  Our 5200 square foot building is where we worship, fellowship, and reach out to the community from with regular events throughout the year.


Justin Marbury - Senior Pastor


During the summer of 2012, Justin and his family, at that time living in Albuquerque New Mexico, recognized a calling to New England to be involved in the work that God is doing here.  It was, initially, the prompting of his pastor, Skip Heitzig, that started the ball rolling as he suggested to Justin that he seriously consider planting a church in New England.  Through the various ways that God speaks, He confirmed that same summer, that this was the plan for Justin, his wife Kari, and four children Mia, Lis, Seth, and Tait.  Not knowing yet exactly where God would plant Justin and his family they began seeking guidance for the place.  Eventually it was clear that Wolfeboro is where God had for Justin to pastor.

A year later, in May of 2013, Justin was formerly commissioned and sent off from Calvary Albuquerque to the Granite State and Wolfeboro. 

A staff pastor at Calvary Albuquerque for 7 years, Justin received his pastoral training within the context of ministry in a church of 14,000+.  Sitting under one of the great Bible teachers of our time, Skip Heitzig, God has firmly rooted Justin in the discipline of Bible study and preaching expositionally.  With various ministry responsibilities in Albuquerque, including Youth Detention ministry, Men’s ministry, officiating weddings, funerals, teaching classes in the school of ministry, and a broad range of counseling, Justin is blessed to have had so much opportunity in such a short period of time.

Our pastor’s greatest desire to is to be led by the Holy Spirit and find Jesus Christ to say at the end of his life, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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What We Believe 

If you are interested in knowing more about what we believe, you can read on...

In the early church there was a body of doctrine that was circulated called “The Kerygma”, which simply means “doctrine” in the language of the day - Greek.  We have included the first century church’s Kerygma followed by the beginnings of Calvary Wolfeboro’s Kerygma.  The Calvary Wolfeboro's Kerygma is intended to be a living document, not because the truths of God as given in the Bible change, but because we will ever be clarifying, adding, and subtracting for our own understanding as well as for the better understanding of all those who read this.

{ The Kerygma of the first century church }

1. The promises of God made in the OT have now been fulfilled with the coming of Jesus the Messiah (Book of Acts 2:30; 3:19, 24, 10:43; 26:6-7, 22; Epistle to the Romans 1:2-4; 1 Timothy 3:16; Epistle to the Hebrews 1:1-2; 1 Peter 1:10-12; 2 Peter 1:18-19).

2. Jesus was anointed by God at his baptism as Messiah (Acts 10:38).

3. Jesus began his ministry in Galilee after his baptism (Acts 10:37).

4. He conducted a beneficent ministry, doing good and performing mighty works by the power of God (Mk 10:45; Acts 2:22; 10:38).

5. The Messiah was crucified according to the purpose of God (Mk 10:45; Jn 3:16; Acts 2:23; 3:13-15, 18; 4:11; 10:39; 26:23; Ro 8:34; 1 Corinthians 1:17-18; 15:3; Galatians 1:4; Heb 1:3; 1Peter 1:2, 19; 3:18; 1 Jn 4:10).

6. He was raised from the dead and appeared to his disciples (Acts 2:24, 31-32; 3:15, 26; 10:40-41; 17:31; 26:23; Ro 8:34; 10:9; 1Co 15:4-7, 12ff.; 1 Thessalonians 1:10; 1Tim 3:16; 1Peter 1:2, 21; 3:18, 21).

7. Jesus was exalted by God and given the name "Lord" (Acts 2:25-29, 33-36; 3:13; 10:36; Rom 8:34; 10:9; 1Tim 3:16; Heb 1:3; 1Peter 3:22).

8. He gave the Holy Spirit to form the new community of God (Ac 1:8; 2:14-18, 33, 38-39; 10:44-47; 1Peter 1:12).

9. He will come again for judgment and the restoration of all things (Ac 3:20-21; 10:42; 17:31; 1Co 15:20-28; 1Th 1:10).

10. All who hear the message should repent and be baptized (Ac 2:21, 38; 3:19; 10:43, 47-48; 17:30; 26:20; Ro 1:17; 10:9; 1Pe 3:21).

{ The Kerygma of Calvary Wolfeboro }

We Hold These Truths to be Universal:

A. There is one Creator Who has revealed Himself to all humanity through His creation - The Creator’s general revelation.

B. The Creator further revealed himself in what we now have as a compilation of divinely inspired human writings known as the Bible - The Creator’s special revelation. All of what the Creator decided to reveal to humanity that cannot be discovered in the general revelation of creation is contained in the 66 books of what have come to be commonly referred to as the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The remainder of truths that we hold to, as Calvary Wolfeboro, are taken directly or principally from the writings of Scripture. Scripture is our founding document and in that way we are a textual community.

We Hold These Truths to be Revealed by Scripture:

1. There is one God.  The Creator exists eternally as three persons, while remaining one God.

2. The three persons of what we call the trinity are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  These three are equally God and therefore not autonomous or independent but in perfect relationship within “The Godhead”.  God is eternal and uncreated.  Spirit not flesh.

3. God created the universe out of nothing.  Being eternal, He is omnipresent(everywhere present), omniscient(all-knowing), omnipotent(unlimited in power). 

4. The universal metaphysical realities of ethics, purpose, and meaning all find their source in the nature of God as revealed in Scripture. 

5. Man was created by God in his “image” or likeness and is therefore unique from the rest of creation.

6. Man was created innocent but incomplete without a relationship with God.  In this original state there was no sin (only the potential for sin - volition/choice).

7. Man sinned when, by choice as a volitional creature, Adam and Eve disobeyed God.

8. The sin of Adam and Eve precipitated “The Fall” - a separation from God and divine curse upon all creation, including humanity.  Separation from God was spiritual death.  Physical death also resulted from the Fall.

9. From the time of the Fall until Jesus’ death on the cross, humanity was required to sacrifice animals as an ongoing payment for sin.  When Jesus died, animal sacrifice ceased as a means to pay for sin.  Jesus’ death was the final payment for the sin of Adam and Eve as well as the sins of all people of all time.   

10. Since the crucifixion and resurrection(which was the proof that sin had been dealt with) forgiveness and reconciliation with God is a matter of belief.  Belief in Jesus as the Savior and Lord is all that is required by God for salvation.

11. After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension the Holy Spirit established the Church.  The Church is composed of all believers in Jesus.

12. Local churches, like Calvary Wolfeboro, are individual gatherings of the followers of Jesus for the purpose of carrying out Jesus’ Commission - to make disciples of all nations.

13. This commission will conclude at an unknown time in the future when “the fullness of the Gentiles” has come. This future completion of the work of the church will usher in a time when Israel becomes the focus of God’s divine plan once again.

14. Until the great commission is complete we, as Calvary Wolfeboro, will continue the ministry of edification, discipleship, and evangelism.

Five Sanctities:

Life - Life is sacred and only God has the prerogative to give and take life.  He has delegated the authority to take life to “the state” for the purpose of justice in the case of murder.

Sexuality and Gender - Sexuality and Gender are sacred.  God created male and female and therefore He is the one who defines them.

Marriage - Marriage is sacred.  God established marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman for life.

The Church - The Church is sacred.  God established the Church to carry out His commission to spread the good news of salvation and provide spiritual nurturing for those who are “born again”.   In addition, as a social institution it has many purposes, not the least of which is to care for itself and share the love of God with others.

The Family - The Family is sacred.  God established the family as mother, father, and child or children.  The Father is the head of the family.