Kids come to church on either Saturday night (6pm) or Sunday morning (9am) and are excited to get upstairs to the Calvary Kids zone! They check in (receive a printed name tag for them and their parents) and go to their classes where their teachers are eagerly waiting for them. The service kicks off with a time of worship where the kids are led in a set of energetic worship songs. They love to jump and shout while praising God! Returning to their classes, their teachers have prepared to share God’s Word with them guided by the DiscipleLand curriculum. In the younger classes kids play games, create craft projects, and enjoy a healthy snack all while discussing the Bible story. In the classes for older kids, the teachers guide the class in a discussion around the Bible story where they dig into the passage and apply it to their own lives. When the service is over parents come to be reunited with their children for the church-wide fellowship time. It’s the perfect combination of fun and teaching from God’s Word and kids can’t wait to come back!


The Vision of Calvary Kids

Calvary Kids aims to be a safe, exciting, and truth-filled place for the children of the church to learn about the truths of Christ, the importance of the scripture, and the joy that it is to be a Christ-follower. Our heart is to come along-side parents in their Biblical charge to raise their children "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord" by providing a consistent weekly environment where children can gather, worship, and read and learn about the stories of the Bible in such a way that they can't wait to come back.