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I. The Mystery about God's People (vss. 25-27)

A. Paul's final warning to the Church

B. God's ultimate fulfillment of His promises to Israel

II. The Mercy in God's Punishment (vss. 28-32)

A. The irrevocable nature of God's election of Israel

B. The incomparable purpose for humanity's disobedience

Take Home
1. Trust in His unlimited power

For Your Needs

For Your Understanding

For Your Guidance

2. Live to display His unmatched glory

This is your purpose (Psalm 19:1-6)

Begin in His presence (Isaiah 6:5)

Let it shine out in public (Matthew 5:14-16)

Questions to consider

1. What does it mean to trust God for your needs, for understanding, and for guidance? Where do you struggle to trust God?

2. Do you really believe that God wants to guide you personally? Why or why not?

3. Does your life make God look good? What needs to change if not?