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There’s nothing magical about the sinner’s prayer. Many a preacher has made that clear. The words of the sinner’s prayer are only as effective as the sincerity of the heart behind them. The words of the Gospel, on the other hand, are truths that have changed the world. They describe both the need and God’s provision for all humanity to be restored and forgiven. The importance of the message of the Gospel cannot be overstated. And yet, in many churches today these words that save have been silenced. They’ve been obscured. It’s into this reality that the observation of Paul in Romans 10:17 need to be considered afresh, “Faith comes from hearing…” How desperately we need to regain boldness in our responsibility to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.



I. Proclamation Precedes Salvation (vss. 14-15)
A. The Machinery of Salvation
B. The Priority of Evangelism
II. Understanding Precludes Excuse (vss. 18-21)
A. Failure to understand the Gospel was not Israel's problem
B. Fulfillment of God's plan includes preaching a simple message

Take Home

1. If you've heard the "Good News," you've understood the Gospel.
2. If you've been saved by the "Good News," you should proclaim the Gospel.

Questions to consider

1. When was the last time you shared the gospel with someone? How'd you do in your "delivery?"
2. What are some questions you can ask to get the conversation going in a "gospel" direction?
3. Where are some places that you can go to look for opportunities to share the gospel?
4. Who do you know that is not a believer but who you could pray for an opportunity to share the gospel with?