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What if you knew that everything you did and everything others did to you and everything that happened to you would turn out for your best? That would be amazing wouldn’t it? Well, for the child of God who is living a life devoted to his or her father, this is exactly what is promised. Now, of course, there are some important details that must be understood and accepted. This promise isn’t unconditional, and the good that is promised may not be the good that is comfortable. That’s why we must consider the promise of Romans 8:28-30 very carefully.



I. God's Sovereignty and Providence Realized

A. The Assumption of God's Providence in this Passage

B. The Revelation of Providence in Scripture as a Whole

II. God's Promise for His Sons and Daughters

A. The Promise is for Those Who Love God

B. The Promise is that Good Will Prevail

C. The Promise is that All Things Will Work Together

The Take Home

1. Your present circumstances are being used by God as a shaping force in your life.

2. Your prominent inadequacies are being transformed by God into a source of strength.

3. Your puzzling relationships are being redeemed by God into a picture of His unconditional love.

Questions to consider

1. Do you love God in the way that Romans 8:28 mentions as necessary for the promise of providence to be in effect?

2. Do you live your life with the assumption that God is working all things together for your good?

3. What in your present experience do you need to trust God with as a part of His providential work?