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Second only to the idea of truth, tolerance is the most misunderstood idea in our culture today. Many Americans, because of what they believe, are losing their God-given rights under the guise of tolerance. In this climate the church is more and more being labeled as intolerant. And, in part, the label is right. The church is intolerant. In fact, it should be the most intolerant people on earth. Not intolerant of people, but intolerant of evil and the lies that perpetuate it. Jesus' letter to the church in Pergamum reveals that there was a level of tolerance that wasn’t good. Let’s consider this ancient church’s example and how we can learn from their mistake.



I. A Strategic Church (vss. 12-13)
A. The Story of the city of Pergamum
B. The Strength of the Church in Pergamum
II. A Tolerating Church (vss. 14-17)
A. The Specific Evils They Let In
B. Tolerance was their primary sin
C. Repentance was their only win

Take Home

1. You can love people and point out their error at the same time.
2. We should be the most intolerant with error in our own lives.

Questions to consider

1. What is wrong with the idea of tolerance in the world today? What does tolerance look like Biblically?
2. What is the difference between tolerance and compromise?
3. Are there lies, errors, or unhealthy things that you are allowing around you? What steps can you take to remove them?