Men’s Summit

In place of the Fall Out this year, we are going to gather for a night of prayer and praise following a day of wrestling together through some of the ideas that define us along with those that sometimes derail us as men. All of this will be carried out over 3 great meals together and plenty of good competition. The cost of registration including meals, material, and an awesome hoodie is only $75.


Registration starts now and will continue until the day of the Summit.

Sessions will be Friday, September 27th, 6-10pm and Saturday, September 28th, 8am-5pm. These times will include worship, teachings, and breakout sessions as well as dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

Cost of $75 per guy includes 3 meals, snacks, a sweatshirt, and materials.


Moose Mountain Recreation, Brookfield, NH.

107 Moose Mountain Rd, Brookfield, NH 03872

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